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This page contains questions I've been asked by visitors to my site. Click on the questions to read my answers. You can submit your own question by clicking here.

Q. Damon, I have a 2005-42' Affinity. I just arrived at a campground, plugged in, and no AC power. Inverter #1 is froze in the "on" position. Silverleaf house monitor has a solid red light below arrows, and a flashing green light under menu. I have already reset one inverter. Gen will not start from Silverleaf House monitor. I am all done rving, going to sell this piece of XXXX. It always fails at night!
Q. Hi Damon, I have a 2003-36' Allure #30813. Can you tell me what my inverter settings should be? I have a Trace RV 2012 model inverter and an Onan 8.0 QD Gen. Also, I dry camp and use my coach in Colorado all winter unlike most. Thanks, Dave
Q. What is the most likely reason my 2004 Inspire will not come up to the travel position. No air leakage, full 120 psi system pressure, the air bags will not inflate. Thanx Jerry
Q. 10-11-08 9:45am Service Call Driving along Hwy 84 in Oregon in a snow storm my HWH Leveling dash light appeared and HWH dash panel went dead. Also noticed ceiling lights no longer work and passenger seat footrest has no power. Mark 06 Allure 42'
Q. Is their a way to reduce the bounce in the front suspension when going over certain types of road conditions? Many time's the the front lifts and hits the upper limit stop, the shock can be great enough to shake filings and sawdust out of the ceiling ducts.. Might adding a second or stiffer front shock help.... This problem occurred on my 2007 Intrigue, will the 09 do the same thing... My 2007 was not alone, as a friend with the same model experienced the same condition on the same spots on the road. Kip 09 Intrigue 45'
Q. Tried to find out something about paint on the 04 Allure. Any info???? Al 04 Allure 36'
Q. When I get up in the morning my Aqua Hot diesel green light is flashing on and the coach is about 10 degrees cooler than where my thermostat is set. Whats going on? John 09 Allure 45'
Q. On my Silverleaf house monitoring system the red light is on and my inverter green light is flashing? Tom 08 Intrigue 45'
Q. Does the Intrigue and Magna share the same IFS? Ken 1998 Intrigue 40'
Q. Does Country Coach offer a bunk bed model floor plan? Bill 06 Magna 45'
Q. Does Country Coach make a 37' Allure with a tag axle? John 03 Intrigue 32'
Q. How far are you from the Country Coach factory? Alex 98 Intrigue 36'
Q. What kind of heating system would a 2002 Intrigue have? John 99 Allure 40'
Q. How long have you worked for Guaranty RV? Harold No Coach Yet
Q. Please explain what the optional "Factory Delivery" entails. Tom 05 Magna 45'
Q. What year did Country Coach start using independent front suspension (IFS)? Peter 97 Intrigue 36'
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