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Air tank purge switch (Magna, Affinity, & Lexa)
  • The momentary switch applies power to a solenoid valve openign it, release the momentary switch to close valve.
  • This opens an electronic valve which allows accumulated moisture to drain from the bottom of air storage reservoirs.
  • This action should be performed once a month and when brought out of storage.
 Electric Shade failure (Magna, Affinity, & Lexa)
  • There is a power jumper available should the module or power source fail.
  • There is no retraction method if the motor fails.
 Daytime running lights
 Why aren't my daytime running lights on when motor is running and park brake is set?
  •  Release of the park brake sends signal to DRL module to activate.
 How do I know this system is working?
  •  Switching to high beam will illuminate the dash indicator.
 ABS Blink switch
Located in front run bay near generator slide out switch
 -What is this for?
  • Retrieval of ABS diagnostic codes with out the use of a diagnostic tool.
  • This will also display the configuration of the system. 

What does it do?

  • Signals the ECU to retrieve ABS diag codes and flash them through the dash mounted ABS light (the illuminated blink switch will also blink codes)

How does it work?

  • By creating a ground signal to the diagnostic circuit of the ECU, the ECU starts a self diagnostic sequence and then displays the blink codes in a series of flashes.

To retrieve active fault codes;

  • Ignition on. Hold the blink switch for 1 second and release. Light will go out for 1.5 seconds then will illuminate a series of flashes 1-8 then pause for 1.5 seconds.  This is the first number in the sequence, next it will flash 1-6. This is the second number in the sequence.  It will then pause for 4 seconds and then display an active code again until the system has been repaired or the ignition turned off. Record these numbers for reference to the ABS service manual to identify code meaning.

 To retrieve stored fault codes;

  • Ignition off. Hold blink switch for 1 second and as before watch and record these numbers. For reference to the ABS codes use the service manual for code definition.

When is it used?

  • Is used for self diagnostic and retrieval of codes when an ABS light on the dash has been illuminated or a system concern is detected.
  • Can be used during maintenance for identification and set up of system configuration (see ABS service manual prior to performing this operation).
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